Hello and Welcome!

Hello dear reader! I welcome you to a place of what will hopefully grow to be a collection of mostly unfinished thoughts and ideas. I want this to be a place I can share (relatively) unfiltered content, without feeling the all too familiar self-imposed pressure of making things as perfect as possible. Topics could be:

  • Summaries of things I have learned about
  • Personal updates of what I’ve been up to
  • Thoughts about life, personal growth and development
  • Stories - made up or real (you’ll never know!)
  • Collaborative projects with others

How often?

I hope to write a thing or two a month. Realistically that means I might post once every three at most. If I don’t, a friendly email remainder of my past commitment of trying to post once a month with a cute cat video attachment would be much appreciated.

Current Plans

I can start this off by sharing that I will be attending the Recurse Center this spring (February to start of May). As described on their homepage, the Recurse Center is a retreat were curious programmers recharge and grow. Exactly the type of thing I feel would do me well at the moment. What will i be doing there? Well that seems like perfect material for a new post! So I’ll keep you hanging.

What then you might ask? Oh good question. I don’t know. But what wouldn’t life be without some existential dread? I have some thoughts of moving to the United States, more specifically to San Francisco. I’m not sure what part of me thinks I need to make drastic changes in my life and contemplate moving across the Atlantic.

It’s hard to know what extent and when it’s worth exposing yourself to new experiences in life. I always feel unsure if I’m doing something because I genuinely want to, or because I’m scared I will regret it if I don’t. But in some way, just having these thoughts maybe confirms that it’s the right level of scary?


I’m happy to have this space to explore. Thanks for reading stranger or friend. And remember to tell that person you love them as if there was no tomorrow. Because there will probably be a tomorrow, and they will walk around with a slightly warmer heart because of it.